Land Use and Access Rights


A lot is a unit of land which has an identifiable area and boundary description. 


An Assessor’s Parcel is not necessarily a legal lot. A single legal lot may be comprised of several Assessor Parcel Numbers. The Assessor identifies parcels for appraisal and tax purposes only and is therefore not required to follow legal lot boundaries. The Assessor is not involved in the process of approving subdivisions. 


Also known as Subdividing, this is the LEGAL division of any lot into two or more lots. In order to be legal, almost all subdivisions require governmental review and approval. That was not always the case. Prior to the Subdivision Map Act, lots could also be divided by deed. If a division was completed without the requisite review, it must be examined to see if the lots created are legally non-conforming. 


Currently, the conveyance of a portion of an existing lot through sale, lease, gift or finance without proper governmental approval creates an illegal lot and is in violation of the Subdivision Map Act and most local ordinances. State law requires that the County in which the land is located regulate the subdivision of land which includes minimum lot size, location of streets, water supply, drainage, sewage disposal and fire access. Subdivision planning addresses public health and safety concerns.